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Credit Sweep

Step 1: Analyze

I take pride in fully reviewing your credit file with you. It will allow me to go over your current credit situation and create a plan to restore your credit. Unlike other credit repair programs, my services have no hidden fees nor do I require any long term payments. Services can be paid in full if possible or payments can be made in increments.


Step 2: Attack

This plan is a rapid credit program which will bring results within 30-90 days with a guaranteed deletion of at least 70% or more of collections and derogatory remarks. I will go after all credit history discrepancies and personal discrepancies with custom dispute strategies.

Step 3: Assist​

Along with all of what I will do to help you get your credit score to a better status I will also provide credit counseling. My credit counseling will play a major part on how your increased credit score will never decrease again. As long as you follow all of my instructions and take all of my advice this will be the best investment you have ever made for yourself. 



Step 1 

Signup for Identity IQ. Identity IQ is mandatory for any new clients to keep for the first 90 days of my program. This will allow us to see your credit file accurately with all 3 credit bureaus. 


Step 2 

Book a consultation.

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